How to get the most of of your Headshot

Corporate Headshot

How to get the most out of your Headshot

Having a Professional Photographer stick a lens in your face solely with the intention of focusing purely on your face isolating you for a formal Corporate Headshot is intimidating, I know.

I enjoy capturing people a great deal and am fascinated with the different reactions I get. Some people have such a fear that you can almost touch it, some are matter of fact about it and some are quite particular about what they want. No photoshoot is ever the same and the majority are fun (yep they really are). But how do you get what YOU want from the image?

Firstly ask yourself – what is it you want to achieve? Why are you having a headshot taken and also how do you want to be portrayed/seen?

Having an idea of the image you want to portray is one of the most important things you can bring to the shoot (alongside your face that is)! Whilst one should not judge a book by it’s cover there is the element of professionalism and integrity that we look for when being virtually introduced. A professional headshot can capture that.

Secondly most of my clients have their own personal issues regarding certain elements of their features. “I don’t like my….” is a very common sentence. Whilst you may not like a particular part of your face no one else may see whatever it is that is so obvious to you…however, if it is important to you then that needs to be conveyed as it may affect the composition and pose.

I found the other day a customer who was most positive and constructive in how to achieve the look she would be happy with. She disliked the lack of symmetry in her cheek bones and had found over the years, by doing selfies, the best angle that she was happy with. She showed me the pose she wanted and with that in mind the photoshoot took very little time.

If you know what works for you, or you’ve seen some images that you feel would work for you in your environment show the photographer. Having as much of a brief as possible helps decrease the time in a photographer just taking images that then get discounted.

It is a bit like going to the hairdressers. You tell the hairdresser the style you’d like, choppy here, wavy there but not too much off the front or it will make your jaw line too soft “you what I mean” etc etc and then despite having done everything you’ve asked for you feel the hairdresser didn’t give you what you wanted perhaps because it didn’t make you look how you felt you wanted it to. The hairdresser will have listened and tried to put the image together in their mind but it is different to how you’ve seen it look as a finished article in your mind. A hairdresser will always tend to say “do you have a picture of the style you would like?”

What a photographer may see may not be the same as what you see when you look in a mirror. We are not looking for the “imperfections” as I hear my clients say often. After all those imperfections make you you. Plus you need to remember that the image on a screen or in a brochure or on your website is teeny tiny, no one will actually see the teeny tiny spot (that will be hidden in Photoshop anyway) or the tiny scar on the corner of your eye from where you fell down the stairs as a five year old carrying the biscuit tin up to bed (errr, I think that was me!!)

I see the person, the personality and I’m reading you, your mannerisms catching and storing in my mind all those quiet elements and cute quirks whilst listening to your brief and simultaneously balancing the light, the key focal points based on the position I’m going to put you in whilst trying to relax you (and me).

Hopefully you won’t recognise that is happening, a photographer will try to make it as painless and as quick as it can be for you.

So go armed to your headshot photoshoot with as much information as you can. It makes it much easier to identify if the result is achievable from the outset (and no, I can’t and won’t dramatically alter your face in Photoshop to make you look like someone else before you ask) and the result you want to achieve will take less time. Most of all remember that the photographer is not looking at you critically. All we want is what you want, for you to be happy with the end result.

Lastly, try not to be scared. Enjoy it, it can be fun if you let it x
Cherry – Mobile 07775 851827
A corporate headshot starts from as little as £65 for one.


Corporate headshot

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Corporate Headshots. What does your image say about you?

Corporate Headshots, Photographer,commercial photography, corporate photography, architectural photography, portraiture, portrait photography, children photography, pet portraits, headshots, photographer, professional photographer;

Corporate Headshots

Corporate Headshots. What does your image say about you?

We know that Corporate Headshots are key in business. Having an image that portrays us in a professional manner reflects elements of our professional persona. We want to be taken seriously, but do we smile or not smile in the photograph? That is always a question I get asked.

The days of the old style formal I think is disappearing. Less eyes front, shoulders square on, eyes wide trying not to blink at the flash capturing the fear we feel inside when someone points a camera directly at us and from such close quarters. I call it the “caught in headlight” look. That was just how it was and there are many who still prefer that look, I’m not knocking it and will always photograph a client how they wish to be seen.

Like many of you I believe that business is built on people buying into each other. Respect and trust. Building relationships is key and those first impressions count (despite us being taught never to judge a book by it’s cover). Without the advantage of being face to face with a new client and with the internet managing most of our initial contacts our image has to say it all. We want to feel that we are approachable and dare I say it, likeable? No harm in that, after all we are all human and in the main I feel we all really would just like to be liked (perhaps with a few exceptions ((US President))?! I don’t need to see a stern expression in a formal headshot to appreciate this person takes their job seriously.

Capturing naturally an element of a person’s personality is, I feel, important. Something of their spirit or the essence of them, what makes them tick? Could be the slight tilt of the head, the way a smile is never far from their mouth or eyes, a slight lift of the corner on one side of the mouth, or even just the natural position someone holds their hands when standing. None of it is wrong, it is them and that is the part I feel is great to see, capture and portray.

The background doesn’t always have to be white. It could be something that reflects an element of the business such as books in a library as used by my lovely client Franzi (image above). A very talented graphic designer who wanted something that supported visually what was important to her. Books reflected her studious nature yet wasn’t the main focus. She remained that.

Having captured so many people this last year it has led me to ask “How do we want to be portrayed” and “what does our image say about us”?

Utilising natural light and in a relaxed manner each client gets captured in a formal way and also if possible, a personable way, the choice of which image they then chose is up to them. It’s about being comfortable with how you perceive yourself and how you want to be portrayed.

So far I’m happy to report that clients have chosen the image that reflects something personal of them and as for the smiling or not smiling?

Well, that is just up to you.

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What happens in a product photoshoot?

product photoshoot, product photographer, commercial photographer, Ipswich Professional photographer

Product Photography

Simply C Photography was delighted to receive a commission recently for a product photoshoot. It was for a local juicing company called The JuiceWorks in Ipswich – owned and run by Lawrence Farrow.

As always happens with the initial client consultation we cover the history of the company, it’s story from inception to where it is today and aspirations.

This helps us to deliver the brief creatively and capture the product in such a way it can give the viewer not only a visual image of what they’ll be receiving but tells a story. Ultimately to increase the customers’ desire to see more. We hope that from that visual story they buy into the passion and ethos that is behind most organisations.

The owner of the JuiceWorks – Lawrence, has a fascinating and compelling story to tell. His passion for the product became clear, as did his pride in what he has achieved, personally and commercially.

With every job we take on we strive to capture high quality images that capture the brief whilst applying a commercial understanding of what is needed to achieve a consistent brand identity.

A product photoshoot is a difficult and specialist area. Not only is there a great deal of time involved in the set up of the studio with backgrounds and lighting there is also the products and props themselves that need delicate and timely handling.

The smallest move of a bottle can mean adjusting the camera settings. The addition of another bottle might mean moving the side reflectors, again which alters the light and ultimately the camera settings. The angle at which the product is set can determine how much or little reflection is reflected from the flash, or bounce off the flash. Intricate and delicate adjustments which swallow time.

Then there’s the product itself. This product was freshly made and to capture that fresh colour needs a photographers speed. To cut an apple which is to be placed and balanced can only take place as you are taking the shot. If it is cut too soon it will start to discolour but if it is a funny shape it won’t sit upright, so you need to use clever tricks (if you can see what I did in this photoshoot to get an apple to balance you win a point). This applies to all fruit. So speed is the essence and then ….there’s the editing of the photographs afterwards.

A product photoshoot like this to produce ten final edited images can have about fifty taken. It is then a process to identify which images are the best to determine which get edited.

I’m looking for any movement of a liquid in a bottle, which may produce a visible mark. A fingerprint of mine where I’ve touched the bottle, condensation as the product goes from cold to warm. Some can be edited easily and others not so! Always bearing in mind that the customer needs a true representation of what they will receive therefore sediment for example I would not edit out as the customer needs to see this is what naturally happens.

I Simply love a product photoshoot. It is a challenging but rewarding line of my photography business.

If you would like to find out a little more about what is involved and costs please do give me a call on 07775 851827 or email me


Product photoshoot, product photography, Ipswich Professional Photographer product-photoshoot-simply-c-photography-28


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Suffolk Photography Exhibition

Suffolk Photography Exhibition, Simply Suffolk, Photography exhibition, photographic exhibition, Suffolk images, framed fine art, photographer

Simply Suffolk – Photography Exhibition

Earlier this year Kersey’s Solicitors in Ipswich were looking to host a Suffolk Photography Exhibition.

They are well known in their support of local Ipswich artists and continually display various works for sale on the walls of their practice in Lloyds Ave. Anthony Wooding, the Managing Partner is himself an artist and  has successfully exhibited his own work.

Simply C was delighted to be asked if we would like to exhibit some of our images from the Simply Suffolk collection alongside another photographer Pavel Kricka and our images can now be seen hanging together throughout the building.

No appointment is needed to go and view, however we are holding an open evening where you are warmly welcome to come and view with a cheeky glass of wine and meet with us on the 11th August 6pm-8pm. Everyone is welcome.

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A recent testimonial

We at Simply C Photography, believe that a testimonial is an important factor in business. We give them and then with a squeal of delight, we receive them too.

They feedback to us that we have done a good job, that we did fulfil the brief and in many cases exceed expectations, which is always good to hear.

I hope you don’t mind us sharing as we feel the kind words written here endorse what we stand for in providing our clients with a bespoke, creative and professional portfolio of high quality images that help you.

Testimonial from Fitness Creation

Cherry was absolutely brilliant to work with. Her professionalism and great customer service starts before the actual photo shoot, where we had a couple of chats beforehand so she was able to get a feel for the type of shots and style we were aiming for. During the shoot Cherry’s friendly, relaxed and informal style ensured all the participants were put at ease and we almost forget she was there! We were completely thrilled with the final photographs she sent through to us, which were absolutely perfect for our website and marketing material. We would highly recommend Simply C Photography and would definitely use Cherry services again.

Fitness Creation offer a wonderful, friendly personal training programme designed for teenagers in Ipswich. Run by a husband and wife team they believe passionately in what they do in that fitness should be fun and enjoyed by all. The fun factor was obvious even during the most testing of routines as everyone I captured didn’t stop laughing and smiling. I even became ignored as everyone was focused purely on the exercising (how refreshing is that?). It was a great deal of fun to photograph and get to know them all. I would highly recommend them.

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Keeping fit with photography

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Sports Bootcamp Photography

How can I as a photographer be keeping fit with photography?

I know it doesn’t seem to go hand in hand but actually photographing anything can actually be physically strenuous.

For example Ipswich School’s sport day last year was a huge challenge. To take dramatic images that portray the sense of speed and motion meant that many images were shot from a low level crouching position (think of me lying down at the end of the long jump). Also running from event to event as track and field were all going on at the same time. Exhausting!

I start photographing before the events began and would finish with the final presentation 6 hours later.  Muscles were complaining throughout but you overlook that when the adrenalin and creative juices are flowing. I was very happy I had been able to capture pretty much every event.

However I was in for a surprise the next morning as I found I couldn’t move. My thigh muscles would scream with every flex and it took three days until I could walk and sit easily again. So a lesson for my next sports photography shoot? Get fit first! Hmmm, I didn’t!

Last month I had the pleasure of photographing two fitness bootcamps. Fitness Creation – a bootcamp for teenage children, based in Ipswich and All About Me – a women’s bootcamp in Woodbridge.

Both work at a fast pace and again I found myself in all sorts of positions trying to get the best shot from all angles.

I don’t think I could work as hard as the people who took part but I always know a two hour photo shoot with crouching, lying on the floor and constantly having to get up means I am going to feel it the next day.

Photographing interiors is no different. In order to get the maximum depth on an image I go as far back into a room with my back generally up against a wall. I like to photograph from a low level or waist high position so can normally be found on the floor in the smallest position and tightest space.

I’ll do anything to get “the” photograph.

Product photography is never as easy or as straightforward as you think. Setting up for the photograph, styling it, making small tweaks and adjustments to the product or lighting. There is also altering the position of the camera as you go. All of which means a constant movement from sitting or crouching.

Then there is the weight of the equipment. The arms get a jolly good workout. The camera lenses I use are glass and heavy. Thank goodness for the monopod and tripod.

My favourite camera is the Canon 5D Mk II but it’s heavy in its own right! Adding on the second camera, battery pack up, a Speedlite flash with both camera’s hanging off me it is a constant workout. I need to do some more press ups!

In essence there is nothing quite like proper exercise. As I see it professional photographers do get exercise so I don’t feel too bad drinking a glass of wine!

Sports photography, portrait, Simply C Photography, Ipswich, lifestyle imagery,

Sports Photography

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The Orwell Bridge Architectural Photography

Orwell Bridge Architectural Photography – The Orwell Bridge in architectural photography has been captured many times. Construction finished in 1982 and there always seems to be an image in the local news, on Facebook or Twitter where someone has posted a picture either professionally as artists or as they go past it, there always seems to be a new angle to show off it’s grand design and architectural genius. I’m never bored discovering ways it has been captured by different artists. Driving over and under it makes many a car seemingly slow as the passengers inside marvel at it’s size and strength.

The Orwell Bridge has an elegance and simplicity which I can only describe as beautiful. Despite being made from dull grey concrete and being a hard structure this bridge feels gentle to me, it flows, it is majestic and from a distance it hides it’s incredible size until it is put into perspective i.e. as I did with the worker and digger photographed underneath.

I love architecture and follow many who appreciate the art of architectural photography. I find the brilliance of engineering mixed with functionality and creativity inspiring and find myself looking forward to commercial photography projects where my subject to photograph is a building, either interior or exterior or perhaps both for a commercial website or brochure. Some may call me bonkers but that is how it is!

It got me wondering what is it that makes us as artists (in whatever medium we chose) inspired to capture something.


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Teamwork – producing happy clients all round

Teamwork and testimonials are an important part of any business. As you know photography, be it commercial, corporate imagery or private portrait shoots is our passion and creatively producing images that sell the story and ultimately tick every box means a happy customer, therefore hopefully a repeat customer, so we were very proud to receive the following from Peter Jenkins the Creative Director at Trebuchet Creative based in Ipswich Suffolk:-

“Trebuchet has commissioned Cherry on a number of occasions across a range of commercial property projects. The results have always been excellent with great creativity being brought to often challenging briefs. We particularly value her vigilant attention to detail, always taking the time and care to ensure the best possible work. Her natural ability to communicate clearly and build easy-going relationships with our clients where required means we know we’re always in safe hands. We look forward to working on the next project together.”

Those media gurus of you out there tell me it’s important to share the testimonials, reinforcing that the work we produce is of a professional standard and most importantly always fulfils the brief.

I wanted to print this testimonial because I think it works both ways and wanted to share with you the work that they produce (with the images we provided) Simply C Photography Commercial Office Images Interiors which is just stunning.

Trebuchet are a full service design and marketing agency. They have won a number of awards and it is no surprise. Simply C Photography is very proud to be associated with them and feel that together we are an example of what good teamwork can produce.

Simply C Photography commercial corporate interior office reception photography, teamwork

Commercial office interior photography

Great team work. Please find below a link to Trebuchet who are also based in Ipswich Suffolk. Contact Peter Jenkins.

Trebuchet Creative

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Selling a story with creative photography

My job as a photographer entails selling a story with creative photographic imagery. Sometimes that’s a huge challenge especially when it comes to capturing offices and buildings. But regardless of what commercial or corporate product I’m creating photographs for I look for a unique image that can lift a brochure, add interest or a story to the product, perhaps showcase some of the other USP’s as well as the obvious functionality of the product.

architectural photography, interior photography, estate agents, graphical, mono, professional photographer

Simply looking up is the new looking forwards

Simply C Photography creative interior and exterior images

Simply inspiring. Photograph of an artist’s studio in the garden.

For example on a recent shoot for an estate agents’ brochure of a large office I captured the necessary broad open office images, the look of the space inside, but also photographed the outdoor courtyard with it’s statue of children running, photograph below.

mono photography, photography, sculpture, interior and exterior photography, commercial, product, architectural, photography, Ipswich,

Simply C Photography








A tranquil and wonderfully peaceful spot, a positive feature of the office and dare I say, without sounding more of a saleswoman rather than a professional photographer, a “unique selling point”!

For whatever product you may have, be it an office, garden office, all elements of services please do not hesitate to contact me. I cover all aspects of commercial / corporate photography as well as pet and personal portraiture and would be delighted to discuss ways of showcasing you, or your products, professionally and uniquely through creative imagery.

Cherry Beesley

PS – Just as an interesting story I was commissioned to photograph once a set of golf clubs and to frame an image for a golf widow to her always absent husband. Fortunately he saw the humour in it and they are still married. I love being part of people’s stories. Photography captures more than just images. or Simply call me on :07775 851827

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Suffolk Photography Exhibition

Anthony Gormley installation at the Martello Tower in Aldeburgh taken by Simply C Photography

Simply Contemplating – Anthony Gormley installtion at the Martello Tower in Aldeburgh

A New Photography Exhibition

at Snape Maltings.

14th – 19th August 2015.

Last year I exhibited and introduced a new photographic collection called A Reflection in Nature alongside some of my Simply Suffolk images in The Gallery at Snape Maltings.

The Gallery is rented out all year round to various artists for a week at a time to showcase their work. Since it opened it has showcased for painters, photographers and all forms of creative individuals using all types of mediums. This year I’m there from the 14th – 19th August, during the Aldeburgh Festival so hoping the crowds will come by and take time out to look at the exhibition and hopefully take home a photographic souvenir!

I had a Simply superb week. Not only did I get a chance to talk everything cameras, including lenses, tripods, composition, when the best time to photograph landscapes is morning vs dusk, the ongoing  debate between Canon vs Nikon users (Canon wins btw) and everything to do with the love of photography, but I also got to meet a large number of fellow photographers. Many of these photographers I had heard of and whose work I had admired for a very long time.  It is always good to meet fellow enthusiasts, photography students and professionals and receive their input and feedback on my work.

As you may know I love photographing Suffolk and set up in selling my fine art photographs with a professionally framed collection of iconic Suffolk images – Simply Suffolk.  This summer I spent much of my time in Suffolk with the children on the beaches, soaking up the sun. There is something quintessentially British about being on the beach with children playing, kites flying, deck chairs and a snoring grown up complete with mouth agape! Then there’s the ice creams, the smell of beer and who could ignore the carnivorous seagulls making a play for our fish and chips?! All in all a day at the beach has us all smiling, lets just ignore the wind and sand getting in our eyes shall we? Sunshine and the sea makes us feel good, perhaps it’s the sun or quite Simply the Suffolk magic. Who knows. It certainly brings out the creative side for me and enhances my bounce. I visited the new Antony Gormley installation at the Martello Tower in Aldeburgh and knew I simply had to add to my Simply Suffolk collection.

I do hope you’ll come and see me. I’m there alongside Peter Bultz who also is exhibiting a collection of photographic images. He recently opened “Gallery 74” in Woodbridge which hangs and sells for local artists in painting, sculpture and photography.

PS – The Gallery is situated as you drive into Snape Maltings on the left hand side, before you park so keep your eyes peeled so you don’t miss us!

Cherry – 07775 851827 or


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"Business and art through professional photography and creative imagery."

Telephone : 07775 851827