Artists Statement

Cherry Beesley

Under the banner of photographer and artist Cherry is a local Ipswich based commercial, corporate and private portrait photographer specialising in bringing creative art into professional photography.

Artists statement

I am interested in how photography can capture and enhance the beauty of everyday objects and surroundings. Taking images of iconic landmarks candidly, creatively and with sympathy allows us all room to clarify our perception of that object or area.

As an artist I have used photography as my creative medium for over twenty years. Photography focuses my eye in the moment, frames the composition and allows me to see hidden depths within the object or subject.

Whilst working I connect with the moment and surroundings, stopped for that time and drawing on my experience of myself and the place or object or person I am with the image clearly comes into focus.

Tel: 07775 851827

Simply C Photography Cherry Beesley Photographer

Cherry photographing on the beach

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